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Membership is open to museum professionals; those who work directly in or for museums. Persons and companies with mainly commercial aims are not eligible.
Students need to be enrolled in a study that directly trains for working as a museum professional and need to upload a Proof of Enrollment. Student membership is limited to a maximum of six years.
Freelancers are required to upload an one-pager with motivation including clear and durable professional ties to the museum field.
The annual fee for Regular membership is € 92,50, Students pay € 47,50 and Seniors € 81,50
Allowing Preauthorized Debit (automatische incasso) from a Dutch banking account (IBAN) is a prerequisite.


Membership is valid for a calendar year through to Dec 31, with automatic renewal until notice of cancellation.
Please note that Applications before October 1st will be registered as membership for the current year with full payment. Membership for a part of the year is not possible; a full year’s fee is due.
Applications after October 1st are registered as membership for the following year.
When your application is approved please allow six weeks after initial payment before arrival of your membership card. Members are responsible for updating changes in postal address and personal data through access to the data base of ICOM Netherlands.
If your annual fee is not successfully transferred yearly before March 31, membership will cease.

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Find the Code of Ethics here or read a dutch version here

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International Committee of Interest

Please visit Internationale comités ( to learn more about the various committees. You are required to join at least one committee when applying for an ICOM NL membership, the selection of two additional committees is optional.